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32.4% 12 votes
Amy Lee (Evanescence)
18.9% 7 votes
Lacey Mosely (Flyleaf)
13.5% 5 votes
Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
10.8% 4 votes
Tarja Turunen (Nightwish)
8.1% 3 votes
Brody Dalle (The Distillers)
8.1% 3 votes
Hayley Williams (Paramore)
5.4% 2 votes
Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)
2.7% 1 votes
Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)
0% 0 votes
Angela Gossgow (Arch Enemy)
0% 0 votes
Betty Curse
Total Votes: 37
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Poll created on 2006-07-23 7:37 by theusedfan101

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  • yixain2008-11-27 03:55:50

    Hayley... Amy is different as her voice is uniform for Rock songs. check out Paramore new released Final Riot! Terrific =]
  • Evanescence9112008-10-24 18:29:00

    Amy Lee rules best voice i've heard in my life! I still like Hayley but i prefer Anette to Tarja.
  • board_rider2007-04-07 00:14:53

    Amy Lee!!!!!! definately! and what happened to avril lavigne?
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