who matches the most with myolie wu?  Vote Now

48.5% 32 votes
bosco wong
21.2% 14 votes
jack wu
15.2% 10 votes
raymond lam
7.6% 5 votes
ron ng
7.6% 5 votes
sammul chan
Total Votes: 66
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Poll created on 2006-08-13 19:09 by sango112000

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  • Suzuhira2008-12-08 23:18:42

    She's fat in this pic because she had to film this series that required her to gain weight...-_-;
    She's with Bosco all the way (:
  • dancing_boyz2008-12-07 22:15:16

    sorry to some of you guy like her but am NOT
  • dancing_boyz2008-12-07 22:14:50

    she should not be with anybody she ugly and fat
  • tinaxd2008-01-13 18:26:06

    bosco and myolie! but myolie looks too fat in that picture o_O
  • viicto.O ~2007-04-07 15:25:59

    damn she looks fat in this pic
  • laffygrl1232007-01-31 22:52:41

    bosco and myolie are the perfect match!
  • board_rider2007-01-02 13:41:35

    yeah bosco and myolie look good together
  • lil_owen_girl2006-10-22 00:23:24

    Bosco and Myolie all the way!!!
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