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michelle yip or myolie wu?  Vote Now

47.1% 24 votes
michelle yip
45.1% 23 votes
myolie wu
7.8% 4 votes
Total Votes: 51
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Poll created on 2006-08-17 16:27 by sango112000

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  • wiinni32007-03-31 17:57:02

    I like both but i chose Myolie!
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-25 04:15:15

    MICHELLE, thankyou.

    hahah, in singapore, her show 'central affairs 2' is airing.

    the reason why she doesn't have so many shows nowadays...partly because she left TVB?
  • Love Mum2007-02-24 10:57:01

    but now she didnt act any drama already~why????
  • Lululala2007-02-01 23:13:03

    i like Myolie better than Michelle
  • manglaikuan2006-12-08 06:29:00

    Michelle Yip is more beautiful than Myolie in Lost in the chamber of Love.
  • lil_owen_girl2006-10-22 00:22:39

    i like them both alot
    but i gotta choose Myolie
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