which couple wouldn't you hate to see dating  Vote Now

16.3% 8 votes
Bosco WOng and Tavia Yeung
12.2% 6 votes
don\'t care
12.2% 6 votes
Myolie Wu and Bosco WOng
12.2% 6 votes
Ron Ng and Myolie WU
12.2% 6 votes
10.2% 5 votes
Tavia Yeung and Ron NG
8.2% 4 votes
Leila TOng and Ron Ng
8.2% 4 votes
Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung
6.1% 3 votes
Bosco Wong and Leila Tong
2% 1 votes
Bosco Leila, Ron Myolie....etc..
Total Votes: 49
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Poll created on 2006-08-19 3:30 by tvb_4_evah

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  • board_rider2006-12-31 18:25:31

    Leila = the cutest girl alive, Ron Ng = I will stop here, dont wanna offend anyone.. BUT I WOULD HATE TO SEE RON NG AND LEILA DATING.. that is just creepy and nasty as it is
  • DEHLISA EMYLISA2006-11-09 11:27:55

    Oh, I hate Raymond & Tavia! Sorry for the fan for Raymond & Tavia.
  • lil_owen_girl2006-10-23 08:30:49

    Bosco should b w/ Myolie!!
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