About this poll: What's worth watching from TVB these days?


What is the best Hong Kong TVB serial of 2006?  Vote Now

16.2% 37 votes
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
15.8% 36 votes
Forensic Heroes
13.6% 31 votes
La Femme Desperado
12.7% 29 votes
Dance of Passion
12.3% 28 votes
Face to Fate
10.1% 23 votes
War and Destiny
6.6% 15 votes
Men in Pain
5.3% 12 votes
The Bitter Bitten
1.8% 4 votes
Bar Benders
1.8% 4 votes
I don't watch TVB
1.3% 3 votes
Trimming Success
0.9% 2 votes
CIB files
0.9% 2 votes
lu xiao feng
0.9% 2 votes
The Conquest
Total Votes: 228
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Poll created on 2006-08-19 15:22 by psychez

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  • jimmyzxz2009-01-04 15:30:25

    Dance of Passion suck !!! charmaine wasn't even do anthing there is should be ada choi or gigi lai won the best actress
  • CH4RR4Y_R4WK5_4EVA2008-11-28 04:55:58

    lethal weapons of love and passion rox! cos it both have charmaine and raymond(:
  • christine yeo2007-11-16 08:17:37

    lethal weapons of love and passion!! coz i love charmaine sheh!!!
  • x3-Ai-Andy2007-05-14 20:41:45

    ii lyked face to fate =]
    because..Raymond looked so kewl.!!
    n ii lyked frankie lam aswell
    <3 the ending theme.!-
  • runaway_gone_2007-05-10 03:20:04

    LFD! <3 MIP! <3 FH!
  • wiinni32007-04-01 18:03:53

    Dance of Passion!!!!
  • Tiramisue2006-12-29 13:41:18

    LWOLP was a great series, strong cast and everything but the plot was a drag after ep 20..so I voted for The Bitter Bitten
  • Lechindi2006-12-10 13:58:52

    Voted Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion as it is the best film of 2006!
  • xxxsmile2006-10-24 21:36:53

    voting for lethal weapons of love and passion =P
  • asian2006-09-26 19:33:13

    i voted for lethal weapons of love and passion, because raymond lam was in it.


  • florence2006-08-29 07:34:20

    let lethal of passion win the best series for 2006
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