Which korean series do you like more?  Vote Now

31.6% 50 votes
Full House
25.9% 41 votes
16.5% 26 votes
stariway to heaven
5.1% 8 votes
heaven's tree
4.4% 7 votes
sad love story
4.4% 7 votes
Winter Sonata
3.8% 6 votes
my lovely sam soon
1.3% 2 votes
1.3% 2 votes
hwang jin yi
1.3% 2 votes
I dont like any
1.3% 2 votes
my girl
0.6% 1 votes
i hate korean series
0.6% 1 votes
Let's Go to School Sang Doo
0.6% 1 votes
My Princess
0.6% 1 votes
never watched them
0.6% 1 votes
witch amusement
Total Votes: 158
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Poll created on 2006-08-23 22:03 by beside_u_4ever

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  • tanshane2011-10-28 07:33:32

  • jenniecha2011-02-23 21:15:36

    I love Full House, but between Full House and My Lovely Samsoon, MLS wins!
  • yummi_sushi2010-07-17 21:49:15

    Full House is on TOP!
    But i like BOF and MISA adn A love to kill...other than that FUll House!
  • kelly choi2008-07-24 02:14:25

    hey winter sonata for the best of all!!!
  • candicane2008-04-23 21:49:05

    A LOVE TO KILL is the best...
    goong is alright...though:)
  • Butterflyangel2008-04-14 22:50:43

    coffee prince the best................i'm a coffee prince addict....guyz why do you think the the word cp addict is made? it is because cp has too many fans..cp is the only k drama that has this word addict behind the title..and was invented by fans.
  • angel8ren2008-04-13 05:21:57

    Princess Hours/Goong
    FuLL house
  • miyukigrg2007-09-28 02:27:35

    1st Full House ,2nd my girl
  • cassarollsushi2007-09-23 14:36:11

    full house:D
  • dilnura2007-07-05 01:43:52

  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-05-13 03:23:12

  • Machi_072007-03-31 09:13:45

    Full House ^_^
  • fairydust2007-03-01 06:26:43

    Goong aka princess hours is the best!!!!!!!
  • lisa_nova182007-03-01 01:26:16

    Full house is the best series that I love. I also love my girl.
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