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71.9% 41 votes
15.8% 9 votes
12.3% 7 votes
a little
Total Votes: 57
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Poll created on 2006-08-24 16:55 by superstar648

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  • ZZuRRa2009-01-28 04:28:37

    She has everything!
    Very very very good good actress on TVB so far!
  • Pizza2008-05-17 13:34:45

    I think tavia is very intelligent. i mean she didnt get to act based on "pageat" like most do, she went to acting class and when your first step is acting class, not much people would pay any attention to you. but she did something...and people noticed her...and i think she really deserves what she got today.
  • TVB_Angel2007-05-04 19:39:30

    I'm not her biggest fan, but I do like all her characters she played so far.
  • wiinni32007-03-27 13:41:59

    Tavia is a pretty actress!
  • runaway_gone_2007-02-26 04:51:39

    definitely! <333
  • TaviaRox2007-02-26 02:41:07

    what a pretty girl....she is totally amazing
    i like her very very very very very much!!!!!
  • kaitlinng2007-01-25 23:06:51

    i think Tavia is super sexy
  • Twister12782007-01-07 00:47:57

    I think tavia is a great actress! tvb should promote her more!!!!!!! she can really act! like hello... look like some actress cant even act n they are getting promoted. like eww
  • itzcarmen2006-12-11 22:21:04

    i think she's a very very very very very good actress
  • J.D.2006-12-11 00:04:46

    I think she's hot
  • Ladyoscar2006-11-21 14:54:16

    She is very cute and i like her a lot
  • rainbow_2006-09-27 22:44:52

    She is not very pretty but i don't seemed to like her
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