Which korean actor you like most?  Vote Now

18.6% 53 votes
Kwon Sang Woo
18.2% 52 votes
Lee Dong Wook
15.8% 45 votes
Bi Rain
13% 37 votes
Won Bin
8.8% 25 votes
Lee Jun Ki
7% 20 votes
Hyun Bin
5.6% 16 votes
Kim Rae Won
4.6% 13 votes
Kim Jae Won
4.2% 12 votes
Lee Dong Gun
3.5% 10 votes
Lee Wan
0.7% 2 votes
Yeon Jung Hun
Total Votes: 285
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Poll created on 2006-08-26 2:52 by gReat_puNishEr

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  • keira jones2011-10-31 09:23:35

    jang keun suk...simply d best!!!
  • tanshane2011-10-28 07:35:55

    Hyun bin hes so handsome!
  • Utarisumadewi2011-03-11 22:20:06

    I like rain bi
  • jenniecha2011-02-23 21:29:13

    i love some of them all!!!
  • leew2009-09-21 23:14:49

    lee wan you the best 4 ever, i love u in tree of the heaven. i love to see you and park shin hye some time soon. you so cute, hansome,i like u 4 ever
  • lhamo2009-05-16 09:06:04

    lee wan,you're
  • quirky829872009-04-01 12:32:20

    For me... LEE DONG WOOK is definitely the best among all of them!!! He has a very exquisite appeal and aura! Wookie is so handsome, attractive, lovely and adorable in and out!! He's way better than Kwon Sang Woo and Rain is just more famous than Wookie but he is not that handsome for me.. Wookie is the ONE!! =)
  • valirie_chan102008-08-01 09:08:26

    kwon sang woo my lover i've ever seen!!!!
  • kelly choi2008-08-01 08:52:13

    when i saw kwon san woo in real in korea, HE'S RELLY HANDSOME!!! even i'm korean people!!! heheheh!!!
  • luvjoonki 4eva2008-02-22 05:10:07

    lee joon ki my love forever...
  • ikka2008-01-28 06:58:11

    i love lee dong wook n lee jun ki so much
  • addicted2koreandrama2007-12-26 17:44:32

    Sarang heyo Lee Dong Wook!!
    Won Bin & Hyun Bin are also hot
    Rain is cute
    and Lee Jun Ki is too girly
  • issa2007-12-01 05:21:05

    Lee Dong Wook shi is just so handsome!!! Can't get enough of him! ;)
  • Thara2007-10-16 04:59:26

    Won Bin, love him so much !!! : )
  • thuytran2007-09-07 17:46:46

    kim jea won is so cute ... he is the best!!
  • litttle ariel2007-09-05 08:36:31

    i like lee dong wook very much. i also like rain. but lee the most. fighting lee.
  • blackdeath2007-07-14 12:05:45

    lee jun ki the best

    i love him so much
  • dilnura2007-07-05 01:33:25

  • hikaru2007-06-13 15:12:41

    Still a LDW die-hard fan!
  • [email protected]2007-06-06 01:01:31

    Kwon Sang Woo is not only handsome, he also has a beautiful heart. H cares for the underprivileged and the elders. When he went to the Philippines, he visited the homeless first and donated housing. He's ery good and the best.
  • lord_jedi2007-06-01 11:29:04

    Definately So Ji Sub... I watch many excellent acting from k-dramas and not to mention Oscar type of movies, but nothing compared to So Ji Sub's performance in Sorry, I Love You. He uses more of his eyes to portray his emotions than words nor his actions in this drama. He act it so real that you find yourself adored by his amazing acting ability - that you have to keep remainding yourself: come on, stay focus to the story. Great drama plus great acting not to mention great ending, nothing can go wrong with Sorry, I Love You...
  • bo su kyi2007-05-24 07:16:19

    no one can beat rain.he is the best
  • bo su kyi2007-05-24 07:14:51

    rain opar, ma nyi sarang nge yo
  • [email protected]2007-05-20 06:11:27

    ur all album is very nice and i like it so much...........................
  • [email protected]2007-05-20 05:58:43

    bkit di ksama c kim jung hoon? he's a nice singer.........................
  • [email protected]2007-05-20 05:57:14

    lee jun ki,you're so nice and you are also a very good singer.hope you'll visit in the philippines........................................ sarang hamnida,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • didiellza2007-05-02 07:41:02

    You have forgotten to put JOo Ji HOon Oopa on your list!
  • freedomplanet_nie2007-04-17 11:38:41

    Kwon sang woo super cuter
  • mariel2007-04-17 09:27:07

  • nicolechanjiaxin2007-04-12 09:08:57

    Lee Jun-ki Is still the best believe me!!!
  • woeshine2007-03-29 04:33:34

    ilove kwon sang woo.if any of u guys have got his email id,website name or contact no.please hit me back on [email protected]
  • jasna2007-03-25 01:58:09

    Rain is the best..........................
  • cookie_chong2007-03-04 05:33:46

    Kim Rae Won all the way....^-^
  • Machi_072007-02-18 02:55:21

  • shizzle8dizzle2007-02-17 21:27:21

    Lee dong wook all the waaaaaaayy!!wookie oppa sarang hae yo!
  • silvermon2007-02-06 01:39:28

    i like kim rae won
  • leen2007-01-14 00:53:39

    kwon sang woo is the best..hes not only good looking but very gd in acting really love to watch him in stairways to heaven...he is so damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!
  • myriad2006-12-16 04:08:45

    i think won bin has the talent he could be in hollywood, he's got more than good looks.he has good choices of roles too.
  • Ms.Lim2006-11-20 21:51:45

    Rain, Bi, watever his name.. He's d BEST!!
  • hikaru2006-11-13 00:54:06

  • ziezie2006-11-10 03:57:41

    Lee Dong Wook all the way.
  • Yoo-rin2006-11-07 22:44:52

    For me, kwon sang woo is the best actor!
    he is not only handsome but also act very well! I love to watch with Choi Ji woo in Stairway to haeven! sweet couple! joo uppa!
  • cygnus2006-10-23 22:53:38

    Won Bin is the greatest!
  • hee won2006-10-14 04:16:02

    what can i say....LEE DONG WOOK is MY OPPA but LDW is MY LOVER....hehehehhehe...sarange
  • grungerules2006-09-20 09:41:13

    what're you talking about people??
    Lee Jun Ki is absolute gourgeous hunk material! No one's better
  • maltagirl2006-09-13 16:01:06

    don't worry my sweety you will beat that rain..
  • maltagirl2006-09-13 15:59:56

    i wish it was so easy to marry your favorite man, i would love to have KSW children, but too bad this cannot happen *:(* on the other hand i loath rain because it seems he is getting more popular than my sweety huh
  • maltagirl2006-09-13 15:57:34

    kwon sang woo is more than hot, i want to marry him because we are born in the same day.
  • Nikki Jung2006-09-01 07:12:28

    RaINNN"s The Best !!
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