About this poll: The top 100 hard rock songs, vote for your favorite!

The Top 100 Hard Rock Songs!

"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin   
'96 Quite Bitter Beings' by CKY   
'Ace Of Spades' by Motorhead   
'Adams Song' by blink-182   
'Alive' by POD   
'All That I've Got' by The Used   
'American Jesus' by Bad Religion   
'Another Girl Another Planet' by The Only Ones   
'Anthem' by Zebrahead   
'Banana Splits' by The Dickies   
'Basket Case' by Green Day   
'Bodies' by Drowning Pool   
'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queeen   
'By The Way' by Red Hot Chili Peppers   
'BYOB' by System Of A Down   
'Can I Play With Madness' by Iron Maiden   
'Celebrity Skin' by Hole   
'Chop Suey!' by System Of A Down   
'Come Out And Play' by The Offspring   
'Dani California' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers   
'Devil In A Midnight Mass' by Billy Talent   
'Diamonds And Guns' by The Transplants   
'Driving In The Dark' by Saves The Day   
'Enter Sandman' by Metalica   
'Epic' by Faith No More   
'Fat Lip' by Sum 41   
'Firefly' by InMe   
'Getting Away With Murder' by Papa Roach   
'Girl From Mars' by Ash   
'Give It Away' by Red Hot Chili Peppers   
'Going Under' by Evanescence   
'Going Underground' by The Jam   
'Happy' by Mudvayne   
'Heaven Is A Halfpipe' by OPM   
'Her Ghost In The Fog' by Cradle Of Filth   
'Here Comes Your Man' by Pixies   
'Hit Or Miss' by New Found Glory   
'Hold On' by Good Charlotte   
'How You Remind Me' by Nickelback   
'I Feel So' by Box Car Racer   
'I Miss You' by blink-182   
'I Want To Conquer The World' by Bad Religion   
'I Want To Save You' by Something Corporate   
'I'd Do Anything' by Simple Plan   
'Ice Queen' by Within Temptation   
'If I Fall' by Amber Pacific   
'If I Think' by Mudhoney   
'Im Not Okay' by My Chemical Romance   
'In The End' by Linkin Park   
'Jump' by Van Halen   
'Just A Day' by Feeder   
'Just A Girl' by No Doubt   
'Last Train Home' by Lostprophets   
'Learn To Fly' by Foo Fighters   
'Left Behind' by Slipknot   
'Make Damn Sure' by Taking Back Sunday   
'Memories' by Within Temptation   
'Minority' by Green Day   
'Miss Murder' by AFI   
'Monkey Gone To Heaven' by Pixies   
'Monkey Wrench' by Foo Fighters   
'My Friends Over You' by New Found Glory   
'My Immortal' by Evanescence   
'My Plague' by Slipknot   
'No It Isn't' by Plus 44   
'November Rain' by Guns 'N' Roses   
'Nymphetamine' by Cradle Of Filth   
'Ocean Avenue' by Yellowcard   
'One Step Closer' by Linkin Park   
'One' by Metalica   
'Party Hard' by Andrew WK   
'Postcards' by Amber Pacific   
'Punk Rock Princess' by Something Corporate   
'Remedy' by Seether   
'Riot!!' by The Casualties   
'Run To The Hills' by Iron Maiden   
'She Hates Me' by Puddle Of Mudd   
'She's Gonna Break Soon' by Less Than Jake   
'Sliver' by Nirvana   
'Smells Like Teen Spirit' bt Nirvana   
'Sorrow' by Bad Religion   
'Stricken' by Disturbed   
'Superman' by Goldfinger   
'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns 'N' Roses   
'Swing Swing' by The All-American Rejects   
'Take It Away' by The Used   
'The Adventure' by Angels & Airwaves   
'The Fake Sound Of Progress' by Lostprophets   
'The Middle' by Jimmy Eat World   
'The Reason' by Hoobstank   
'The Rock Show' by blink-182   
'The Taste Of Ink' by The Used   
'There Is' by Box Car Racer   
'Time Bomb' by Rancid   
'Time To Waste' by Alkaline Trio   
'Toxicity' by System Of A Down   
'Wait And Bleed' by Slipknot   
'We Want Fun' by Andrew WK   
'Why Don't You Get A Job?' by The Offspring   
'You Could Be Mine' by Guns 'N' Roses   
'You Know Your Right' by Nirvana   
Helter Skelter by The Beatles   
Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold   
Welcome to the jungle   
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Poll created on 2006-07-22 7:17 by theusedfan101

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