About this poll: Vote for your favorite rock, punk, grunge, alternative, or metal song.

Best Rock Song In The World?

+44 - 'No It Isn't'   
+44 - 'When Your Heart Stops Beating'   
30 Seconds to Mars - 'Attack'   
30 Seconds to Mars - 'The Kill'   
36 Crazyfists - 'Digging the Grave'   
36 Crazyfists - 'I'll Go Until My Heart Stops'   
36 Crazyfists - 'The City Ignites'   
36 Crazyfists - 'Workhorse'   
A Billion Ernies - 'Choose'   
AC/DC - 'Highway To Hell'   
AC/DC - 'Jailbreak'   
Aerosmith - 'Cryin''   
Aerosmith - 'Dream On'   
AFI - 'Miss Murder'   
Against Me! - 'Cavalier Eternal'   
Against Me! - 'Dont Lose Touch'   
Against Me! - 'From Her Lips To God's Ears '   
Against Me! - 'Sink, Florida, Sink'   
Aiden - 'Die Romantic'   
Aiden - 'The Last Sunrise'   
Alexisonfire - 'This Could Be Anywhere In The World'   
Alice Cooper - 'Poison'   
Alice in Chains - 'Grind'   
Alice in Chains - 'Hate to Feel'   
Alice in Chains - 'Would?'   
Alkaline Trio - 'Stupid Kid'   
Alkaline Trio - 'Time To Waste   
All-American Rejects, The - 'Dirty Little secret'   
All-American Rejects, The - 'Move Along'   
All-American Rejects, The - 'Swing Swing'   
Amber Pacific - 'If I Fall'   
Amber Pacific - 'Postcards'   
Andrew WK - 'Party Hard'   
Angels And Airwaves - 'Do It For Me Now'   
Angels And Airwaves - 'It Hurts'   
Angels And Airwaves - 'The Adventure'   
Answer, The - 'Keep Believin'   
Answer, The - 'Never Too Late'   
Answer, The - 'Under The Sky'   
Anti-Flag - 'War Sucks, lets party!'   
Aquabats, The - 'Nerd Alert!'   
Arch Enemy - 'Nemesis'   
Arch Enemy - 'We Will Rise'   
Ash - 'Burn Baby Burn'   
Ash - 'Girl From Mars'   
Atreyu - 'Right Side Of The Bed'   
Audioslave - 'Be Yourself'   
Audioslave - 'Cochise'   
Audioslave - 'Doesn't Remind Me'   
Audioslave - 'Like A Stone'   
Audioslave - 'Original Fire'   
Avenged Sevenfold - 'Bat Country'   
Avenged Sevenfold - 'Beast and the Harlot'   
Bad Religion - '21st Century (Digital Boy)'   
Bad Religion - 'American Jesus'   
Bad Religion - 'Los Angeles Is Burning'   
Bad Religion - 'Punk Rock Song'   
Bad Religion - 'Sorrow   
Bayside - 'Downtime'   
Betty Curse - 'Girl With Yeloow Hair'   
Betty Curse - 'God This Hurts'   
Big Black - 'Heartbeat'   
Big Black - 'Rema Rema'   
Billy Talent - 'Devil In A Midnight Mass'   
Billy Talent - 'The Ex'   
Billy Talent - 'Try Honesty'   
Black Flag - 'Louie Louie'   
Black Flag - 'Rise Above'   
Black Sabbath - 'Hard Road'   
Black Sabbath - 'Paranoid'   
blink-182 - 'Adam's Song'   
blink-182 - 'All The Small Things'   
blink-182 - 'Always'   
blink-182 - 'Feeling This'   
blink-182 - 'First Date'   
blink-182 - 'I Miss You'   
blink-182 - 'Stay Together For The Kids'   
blink-182 - 'What's My Age Again?'   
Bloodhound Gang - 'Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo'   
Bloodhound Gang - 'The Bad Touch'   
Bon Jovi - 'Livin' on a Prayer'   
Bon Jovi - 'You Give Love a Bad Name'   
Bouncing Souls, The - 'Hopeless Romantic'   
Bouncing Souls, The - 'True Believers'   
Bowling For Soup - 'The Bitch Song'   
Box Car Racer - 'I Feel So'   
Box Car Racer - 'There Is'   
Boysetsfire - 'Voice Over'   
Boysetsfire - 'Walk Astray'   
Brand New - 'Degausser'   
Brand New - 'The Quiet Things That No One Ever'   
Bullet for My Valentine - 'All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)'   
Bullet for My Valentine - 'Hand of Blood'   
Bullet for My Valentine - 'Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow'   
Bullet for My Valentine - 'Tears Don't Fall'   
Cartel - 'Honestly'   
Cartel - 'Say Anything (Else)'   
Casualties, The - 'Riot!!'   
Children of Bodom - 'In Your Face'   
Children of Bodom - 'Living Dead Beat'   
Children of Bodom - 'Needled 24/7'   
Circle Jerks - 'The Show Must Go Off!'   
CKY - '96 Quite Bitter Beings'   
Clash, The - 'Complete Control'   
Clash, The - 'London's Calling'   
Cradle Of Filth - 'Her Ghost InTthe Fog'   
Cradle Of Filth - 'Nymphetamine'   
Cream - 'I Feel Free'   
Cure, The - 'Boys Don't Cry'   
Cure, The - 'Cut Here'   
Cure, The - 'Friday I'm In Love'   
Damned, The - 'Alone Again Or'   
Damned, The - 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today'   
Dead Boys - 'Sonic Reducer'   
Dead Kennedys - 'Bleed for Me'   
Dead Kennedys - 'California Über Alles'   
Dead Kennedys - 'Halloween'   
Dead Kennedys - 'Holiday in Cambodia'   
Dead Kennedys - 'Kill the Poor'   
Def Leppard - 'Let’s Get Rocked'   
Def Leppard - 'Miss You In A Heartbeat'   
Def Leppard - 'Photograph'   
Def Leppard - 'Rock On'   
Def Leppard - 'Two Steps Behind'   
Def Leppard - 'Two Steps Behind'   
Def Leppard - 'When Love & Hate Collide'   
Def Leppard - 'Women'   
Def Leppard - 'Work It Out'   
Deftones - 'Change (In the House of Flies)'   
Deftones - 'Digital Bath'   
Descendents - 'Cool to Be You'   
Descendents - 'Hope'   
Descendents - 'Nothing With You'   
Dickies, The - 'Banana Splits'   
Disciple - 'After the World'   
Disciple - 'The Wait is Over'   
Distillers, The - 'City Of Angels'   
Distillers, The - 'Drain The Blood'   
Distillers, The - 'The Hunger'   
Distillers, The - 'Young Girl'   
Disturbed - 'Down With The Sickness'   
Disturbed - 'Prayer'   
Disturbed - 'Stricken'   
Dream Theater - 'Another Day'   
Dream Theater - 'As I Am'   
Dream Theater - 'Pull Me Under'   
Drowning Pool - 'Bodies'   
Electris Six - 'Danger! High Voltage'   
Emilie Autumn - 'Opheliac'   
Evanescence - 'Bring Me To Life'   
Evanescence - 'Call Me When You're Sober'   
Evanescence - 'Going Under'   
Faith No More - 'Epic'   
Fall Out Boy - 'Suger, We're Going Down'   
Fall Out Boy - 'Where Is Your Boy Tonight'   
Feeder - 'Buck Rogers'   
Feeder - 'Just A Day'   
Fight, The - 'Can't Be Bothered'   
Flyleaf - 'Breathe Today'   
Flyleaf - 'Cassie'   
Flyleaf - 'I'm So Sick'   
Foo Fighters - 'Best Of You'   
Foo Fighters - 'Breakout'   
Foo Fighters - 'DOA'   
Foo Fighters - 'Learn To Fly'   
Foo Fighters - 'Monkey Wrench'   
From First to Last - 'Afterbirth'   
From First to Last - 'Emily'   
Fugazi - 'Suggestion'   
Fugazi - 'Waiting Room'   
Funeral for a Friend - 'History'   
Funeral for a Friend - 'Juneau'   
Funeral for a Friend - 'Monsters'   
Funeral for a Friend - 'Roses for the Dead'   
Funeral for a Friend - 'Streetcar'   
Garbage - 'Only Happy When It Rains'   
Garbage - 'Stupid Girl'   
Ghost Dance - 'Stop The World'   
Goldfinger - 'Spokesman'   
Goldfinger - 'Superman'   
Good Charlotte - 'Girls And Boys'   
Good Charlotte - 'Hold on'   
Good Charlotte - 'The Anthem'   
Green Day - 'Basket Case'   
Green Day - 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)'   
Green Day - 'Waiting'   
Green Day - 'Warning'   
Green Day - 'When I Come Around'   
Greg Graffin - 'Back to Earth'   
Greg Graffin - 'Don't Be Afraid To Run'   
Greg Graffin - 'Little Sadie'   
Guns N' Roses - 'November Rain'   
Guns N' Roses - 'Paradise City'   
Guns N' Roses - 'Sweet Child O' Mine'   
Guns N' Roses - 'Welcome to the Jungle'   
Guns N' Roses - 'You Could Be Mine'   
Hawthorne Heights - 'Ohio Is For Lovers'   
Hawthorne Heights - 'Saying Sorry'   
HIM - 'Buried Alive By Love'   
HIM - 'Join Me in Death'   
HIM - 'Solitary Man'   
HIM - 'Wicked Game'   
Hole - 'Celebrity Skin'   
Hoobastank - 'Crawling In The Dark'   
Hoobastank - 'The Reason'   
In Flames - 'Cloud Connected'   
InMe - 'So You Know'   
Iron Maiden - 'Run To The Hills'   
Iron Maiden - 'The Number of the Beast'   
Iron Maiden - 'The Trooper'   
It Dies Today - 'The Radiance'   
Jam, The - 'A Town Called Mallice'   
Jam, The - 'Going Underground'   
Jane's Addiction - 'Just Because'   
Jane's Addiction - 'Mountain Song'   
Jane's Addiction - 'Ripple'   
Jesu - 'Silver'   
Jimi Hendrix - 'All Along the Watchtower'   
Jimi Hendrix - 'Purple Haze'   
Jimmy Eat World - 'The Middle'   
Jimmy Eat World - 'Work'   
John Feldmann - 'Free Me'   
Joy Division - 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'   
Joy Division - 'She's Lost Control'   
Joy Division - 'Transmission'   
Kayo Dot - 'For My Wife'   
Kayo Dot - 'Odes to Darksome Spring'   
Kill Hannah - 'Lips Like Morphine'   
Kings of Leon - 'Knocked Up'   
Kings of Leon - 'On Call'   
Kinks, The - 'Apeman'   
Kinks, The - 'Come Dancing'   
Kinks, The - 'Sunny Afternoon'   
KISS - 'A World Without Heroes'   
KISS - 'Crazy Crazy Nights'   
KoRn - 'Coming Undone'   
KoRn - 'Did My Time'   
KoRn - 'Falling Away from Me'   
KoRn - 'Freak on a Leash'   
KoRn - 'Here to Stay'   
Lagwagon - 'Falling Apart'   
Lagwagon - 'May 16'   
Lagwagon - 'Violins'   
Led Zeppelin - 'Communication Breakdown'   
Led Zeppelin - 'Over The Hills and Far Away'   
Less Than Jake - 'She's Gonna Break Soon'   
Less Than Jake - 'The Rest Of My Life'   
Limp Bizkit - 'Behind Blue Eyes'   
Limp Bizkit - 'Break Stuff'   
Linkin Park - 'Crawling'   
Linkin Park - 'One Step Closer'   
Linkin Park - 'Somewhere I Belong'   
lostprophets - 'Last Train Home'   
lostprophets - 'Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)'   
lostprophets - 'The Fake Sound of Progress'   
Marilyn Manson - 'Disposable Teens'   
Marilyn Manson - 'The Fight Song'   
Matchbook Romance - 'Promise'   
Matches, The - 'Chain Me Free'   
Mötley Crüe - 'Girls, Girls, Girls'   
Mötley Crüe - 'Primal Scream'   
Mötley Crüe - 'Without You'   
MC5 - 'Kick Out The Jams'   
MC5 - 'Motor City is Burning'   
Megadeth - 'Of Mice And Men'   
Megadeth - 'Symphony of Destruction'   
Megadeth - 'Train of Consequences'   
Metalica - 'Enter Sandman'   
Metalica - 'Fuel'   
Metalica - 'I Disappear'   
Metalica - 'One'   
Mindless Self Indulgence - 'Shut Me Up'   
Minor Threat - 'Betray'   
Miss Conduct - 'Sinner vs Sinned'   
Motion City Soundtrack - 'Everything's Alright'   
Motorhead - 'Ace Of Spades'   
Mudhoney - 'Let It Slide'   
Mudvayne - 'Happy'   
Muse - 'Hysteria'   
Muse - 'Supermassive Black Hole'   
Muse - 'Time Is Running Out'   
My Chemical Romance - 'Helena'   
My Chemical Romance - 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)'   
My Chemical Romance - 'Welcome To The Black Parade'   
New Found Glory - 'Hit Or Miss'   
New Found Glory - 'I Don't wanna Know'   
New Found Glory - 'My Friends Over You'   
Nickelback - 'How You Remind Me'   
Nightwish - 'Nemo'   
Nine Inch Nails - 'Something I Can Never Have'   
Nirvana - 'Come as You Are'   
Nirvana - 'Lithium'   
Nirvana - 'Sliver'   
Nirvana - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'   
Nirvana - 'Son Of A Gun'   
Nirvana - 'You Know You're Right'   
No Doubt - 'Hella Good'   
No Doubt - 'Just A Girl'   
NOFX - 'Franco Un-American'   
NOFX - 'Stickin' In My Eye'   
Number One Gun - 'Pretend'   
Number One Gun - 'Regrets of Photographs'   
Number One Gun - 'We Are'   
Offspring, The - 'Original Prankster'   
Offspring, The - 'Want You Bad'   
Offspring, The - 'Why Don't You Get A Job'   
Only Ones, The - 'Another Girl, Another Planet'   
Operation Ivy - 'Bad Town'   
Operation Ivy - 'Knowledge'   
Opeth - 'In My Time of Need'   
Opeth - 'Windowpane'   
OPM - 'Heaven Is A Halfpipe'   
Osaka Popstar - 'Wicked World'   
P.O.D. - Alive   
Panic! At The Disco - 'But It's Better If You Do'   
Panic! At The Disco - 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'   
Pantera - '5 Minutes Alone'   
Pantera - 'Cat Scratch Fever'   
Pantera - 'Mouth for War'   
Pantera - 'Planet Caravan'   
Papa Roach - 'Getting Away With Murder'   
Papa Roach - 'Last Resort'   
Paramore - 'Emergency'   
Paramore - 'Misery Business'   
Paramore - 'Pressure'   
Patti Smith - 'Gloria'   
Pearl Jam - 'Alive'   
Pearl Jam - 'Given to Fly'   
Pearl Jam - 'Gone'   
Pearl Jam - 'Hail Hail'   
Pearl Jam - 'Jeremy'   
Pearl Jam - 'Nothing As It Seems'   
Pennywise - 'Fight Till You Die'   
Pennywise - 'Society'   
Pink Floyd - 'Another Brick in the Wall'   
Pixies - 'Dig For Fire'   
Pixies - 'Here Comes You Man'   
Pixies - 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'   
Placebo - 'Meds'   
Placebo - 'Nancy Boy'   
Porcelain and the Tramps - 'Coin-Operated Boy'   
Porcelain and the Tramps - 'King of the World'   
Porcelain and the Tramps - 'My Leftovers'   
Puddle Of Mudd - 'Blurry'   
Puddle Of Mudd - 'She Hates Me'   
Queen - 'Another One Bites the Dust'   
Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'   
Queen - 'Radio Ga Ga'   
Queens of the Stone Age - 'Burn the Witch'   
Queens of the Stone Age - 'Go with the Flow'   
Queens of the Stone Age - 'No One Knows'   
Rage Against the Machine - 'Down Rodeo'   
Rage Against the Machine - 'Testify'   
Rammstein - 'Du hast'   
Rammstein - 'Sonne'   
Ramones - 'Blitzkrieg Bop'   
Ramones - 'Rock 'n' Roll High School'   
Ramones - 'Sheena Is a Punk Rocker'   
Rancid - 'Fall Back Down'   
Rancid - 'Salvation'   
Rancid - 'Time Bomb'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'By the Way'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Californication'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Dani California'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Dosed'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Give It Away'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Knock Me Down'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Tell Me Baby'   
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Under the Bridge'   
Replacements, The - 'Favorite Thing'   
Replacements, The - 'Unsatisfied'   
Reuben - 'A Kick In The Mouth'   
Reuben - 'Blamethrower'   
Reuben - 'Scared of the Police'   
Reuben - 'Stuck In My Throat'   
Rise Against - 'Ready To Fall'   
Rise Against - 'Swing Life Away'   
Rolling Stones, The - 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'   
Rolling Stones, The - 'Little Red Rooster'   
Rolling Stones, The - 'Not Fade Away'   
Rolling Stones, The - 'Out of Control'   
Rolling Stones, The - 'Paint It, Black'   
Saves The Day - 'The End'   
Saves The Day - 'Ups And Downs'   
Screeching Weasel - 'Cool Kids'   
Seether - 'Remedy'   
Seether ft. Amy Lee - 'Broken'   
Sex Pistols - 'Anarchy in the UK'   
Sex Pistols - 'God Save the Queen'   
Shai Hulud - 'Orwell'   
Shai Hulud - 'Stop Now!'   
Sham 69 - 'Borstal Breakout'   
Sham 69 - 'I Don't Wanna'   
Sham 69 - 'Unite and Win'   
Simple Plan - 'I'd Do Anything'   
Simple Plan - 'Welcome To My Life'   
Slayer - 'Cult'   
Slayer - 'Dittohead'   
Slayer - 'I Hate You'   
Slayer - 'Postmortem'   
Slayer - 'Seasons in the Abyss'   
Sleeping, The - 'Don't Hold Back'   
Slipknot - 'Left Behind'   
Slipknot - 'My Plague'   
Slipknot - 'Wait And Bleed'   
Something Corporate - 'Punk Rock Princess'   
Something Corporate - 'Space'   
Soundgarden - 'Black Hole Sun'   
Soundgarden - 'Pretty Noose'   
Spoken - 'Promise'   
Starting Line, The - 'The B-List'   
Static-X - 'The Only'   
Stone Sour - '30/30-150'   
Stone Sour - 'Bother'   
Stone Sour - 'Get Inside'   
Stone Sour - 'Through Glass'   
Story Of The Year - 'We Don't Care Anymore'   
Streetlight Manifesto - 'Everything Went Numb'   
Streetlight Manifesto - 'Supernothing'   
Strokes, The - 'You Only Live Once'   
Sum 41 - 'Fat Lip'   
Sum 41 - 'Still Waiting'   
System Of A Down - 'BYOB'   
System Of A Down - 'Chop Suey'   
System Of A Down - 'Question'   
Taking Back Sunday - 'Make Damn Sure'   
Tenacious D - 'Tribute'   
Tenacious D - 'Wonderboy'   
They Might Be Giants - 'Boss of Me'   
Three Days Grace - 'Animal I Have Become'   
Three Days Grace - 'Just Like You'   
Thrice - 'Atlantic'   
Thrice - 'Image of the Invisible'   
Thrice - 'Red Sky'   
Thursday - 'Signals Over the Air'   
Thursday - 'War All the Time'   
Tool - 'The Pot'   
Tool - 'Vicarious'   
Tragedy - 'No Words'   
Transplants, The - 'Diamonds And Guns'   
Trivium - 'A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation'   
Trivium - 'Entrance Of The Conflagration'   
Trivium - 'Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr'   
Twisted Sister - 'We're Not Gonna Take It'   
Unseen, The - 'False Hope'   
Unseen, The - 'Scream Out'   
Used, The - 'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects'   
Used, The - 'All that I've Got'   
Used, The - 'I Caught Fire'   
Used, The - 'Take It Away'   
Used, The - 'The Taste Of Ink'   
Van Halen - '(Oh) Pretty Woman'   
Van Halen - 'Black And Blue'   
Van Halen - 'Jump'   
Velvet Revolver - 'Come On, Come In'   
Velvet Revolver - 'Dirty Little Thing'   
Velvet Revolver - 'Fall to Pieces'   
Velvet Revolver - 'Set Me Free'   
Velvet Revolver - 'Slither'   
Violent Delight - I Wish I Was a Girl'   
Waking Ashland - 'I Am For You'   
Waking Ashland - 'Rumors'   
Ween - 'Freedom of '76'   
Ween - 'Little Birdy'   
Weezer - 'Buddy Holly'   
Weezer - 'Island in the Sun'   
Wheatus - 'Teenage Dirtbag'   
White Stripes, The - 'Blue Orchid'   
White Stripes, The - 'Fell in Love with a Girl'   
White Stripes, The - 'Hotel Yorba'   
White Stripes, The - 'Seven Nation Army'   
Whitesnake - 'Fool For Your Loving'   
Whitesnake - 'Here I Go Again'   
Whitesnake - 'Slip Of The Tongue'   
Whitesnake - 'The Deeper The Love'   
Who, The - 'Go to the Mirror'   
Who, The - 'Pictures of Lily'   
Within Temptation - 'Angels'   
Within Temptation - 'Gothic Christmas'   
Within Temptation - 'Ice Queen'   
Within Temptation - 'Neverending Story'   
Within Temptation - 'Our Farewell'   
Within Temptation - 'Stand My Ground'   
X - 'Johnny Hit and Run Pauline'   
X - 'Los Angeles'   
Yellowcard - 'Lights And Sounds'   
Yellowcard - 'Ocean Avenue'   
Yellowcard - 'Only One'   
Zebrahead - 'Anthem'   
Zebrahead - 'Rescue Me'   
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Poll created on 2006-08-26 4:36 by theusedfan101

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