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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Do you care about your PollGenius community ranking? 2007-03-29
Do you think PollGenius is easy to use? 2007-01-31
Who's your favorite character from Hong Kong comic book Tian Xia Feng Yun (aka Storm Riders)? 2006-11-21
Would you sell your Playstation 3 if you bought it on the day it was just released? 2006-11-21
Which was the better movie? Infernal Affairs or The Departed? 2006-10-23
Who is your favorite martial arts novelist? 2006-10-18
What is your favorite holiday? 2006-10-08
Do you have your wisdom teeth pulled out? 2006-10-08
Are you planning to watch The Departed? 2006-09-17
Are you going to buy and play Final Fantasy XII? 2006-09-15
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