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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Why do you like Kwan Sang Woo? 2006-08-23
Which series would you like to see a sequel to? 2006-08-23
Which korean series do you like more? 2006-08-23
What do you think of Heaven's Tree? 2006-08-23
Who do you like more Park Shin Hye or Moon Geun Young? 2006-08-23
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  • Favorite all time korean actress2006-08-23 22:02:24

    hm, tough choice, they are all really pretty, i mean chae rim, song hye kyo, and choi ji woo are all my favorites :p
  • which korean male actor is your dream lover?2006-08-23 21:59:17

    kwan sang woo, of course, love him to death, he sure knows how to treat girls (stairway to heaven)
  • Who is the hottest korean guy?2006-08-11 21:35:32

    kwans sang woo! and won bin definitely, :)
  • What is the best asian food?2006-08-09 15:16:18

    sorry, but of course vietnamese, chinese food is greasy, and korean and japanese, i don't kno can't really eat, but i'm not say anything is horrible, just vietnamese is my fav
  • Who Is The Coolest Korean Actor Of All Time ?2006-08-09 15:11:53

    kwon sang woo, i love you!!!!!!!!!!11 omg, in stairway to heaven, he really knew how to treat girls!
  • Who is the best looking male actor in a Korean drama?2006-08-02 22:37:13

    um, r u kidding me, bi/rain before kwon sang woo? kwon sang woo is way hotter! excuse me but bi/rain is cute but idk i still say kwon sang woo. but yeah they are all so hot, what is up with this, where did these korean actors come from, seriously i'm getting interested in korean guys now hehe:P and yeah
  • Who's the best looking male actor in a TVB modern drama since 2004?2006-08-02 22:25:30

    yeah got to admit hk actos are HOT!!!!!!!!! and i voted for raymond lam since he is currently my fav actor, but julian cheung use to be my fav actor too, it was a tough pick between them, but yeah raymond lam is it!!!!!!!! you rock raymond!
  • Which is your all-time favorite TVB couple?2006-08-02 22:22:30

    sorry, i mean i think that hk actors/actresses are all so good-looking that it's so hard to chose, but charmaine sheh is my ultimate fav actress and got to admit raymond lam is HOT! so that got my vote, sorry everyone, but it's the truth
  • Who is the prettiest Korean actress?2006-08-02 22:15:47

    um, for all those kim tae hee, sorry, i'm not with you, i mean i think most of korean actresse are really pretty but kim tae hee is just idk, she pretty but there's something about here, um have u watched stairway to heaven she was so evil in that movie although she was decent in love story in harvard, there's no way!
  • Which is the cutest Korean couple?2006-08-02 22:13:28

    to be honest, everyone, there are so many cute couples out there that i can't possibly chose, they are all just gorgeous together, oh i how i wish life could be like that, don't you!


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