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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Who looks betta wit Myolie Wu? 2008-02-27
Do you think the quality of TVB actors and actresses have gone down since the 1990's? 2007-12-29
Do u think Charmaine Sheh is pretty? 2007-09-03
Do u hate Charmaine Sheh? 2007-09-02
Who do u think should get theTVB's Best Actress Award for 2007? 2007-08-31
Why did Charmaine Sheh win TVB's Best Actress Award of 2006? 2007-08-31
Whose acting skills are better, Jessica Hsuan or Charmaine Sheh? 2007-08-31
Do you think that Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo make the best onscreen couple? 2006-11-04
Will u watch Myolie's and Andy Hui's new tvb drama "Fei tien hay see"? 2006-08-16
Who is better: Louis Koo or Ekin Cheng? 2006-08-11
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