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  • PHILIPPINES' Most POPULAR ACTRESS in POLLGENIUS ( Ultimate Showdown! )2008-11-12 07:57:46

    talaga naman kapansin pansin ang fraud dito e. Sa lahat ng poll question mga ABS nananalo, if not angel laoscin, si claudine palamura baretto, now nagshift na kay LT para kunyari credible konti, e kahit ng panahon nina LT di naman siya nag-win against kina Vilma? hello! manloloko.
  • Karapat dapat maging Number 1 sa FHM 20082008-11-12 07:46:55

    only marian rivera, a natural beauty, no enhancement whatsover...angel locsin had hers for breast and hips, katrina for her nose and abdomenal flabs. so, only marian rivera is worth the title.

    hi bitter herbs, where is angel locsin? it's obvious she's not virgin anymore. as confessed by her handler's former PA AND MOTHERS of her boyfriend-cousins', she has undergone two abortions already, the main reason why she cannot leave her manager despite cheating on her earnings, for fear that the manager will spill the beans.And why didn't u include her in this poll?
  • Most DURABLE SUPER Actress of the 70's !2008-11-12 07:28:56

    while the star for all seasons vilma santos is still very much around and active in the movies and politics and could her talent fee for movies and commercial endorsements, where are the others? where is the "tooter-star" nora aunor? oh, just fresh from the US prison cell for taking drugs i understand, and the others? never heard at all, long long ago.
  • who is more popular marian rivera or angel locsin?2008-11-12 07:21:17

    marian rivera can never be RP's phenomenal star for nothing? so, you bunch of pretenders there, you're wasting your time lying ang convincing people. Marian Rivera is presently the most popular actress in RP.
  • who is more popular marian rivera or angel locsin?2008-11-12 07:18:14

    the ratings speaks for itself, only marian rivera's teleseries got a record breaking rating for all time. check it out babies.
  • WHo is DA Successor of JUDAY as the reigning PHILIPPINE TV QUEEN?2008-11-12 07:11:46

    angel locsin has long ago been a HAS BEEN yet, she wins here, are you okay? or get paid also by ABS-CBN a network notorious for padding and vote-buying anything from election polls to popularity polls like this.angel locsin was their talent.
  • WHo is DA Successor of JUDAY as the reigning PHILIPPINE TV QUEEN?2008-11-12 07:07:54

    who said she was queen? Aren't you aware at all, all your polls' answers tend to show there is only one TV network and movie co. in the philippines, only ABS-CBN? the winners are never even greats, how come they win? padding is still ABS way of life even here.
  • Most PRESTIGEOUS Award Giving Body in the Philippines !2008-11-12 06:56:54

    Yes, it's URIAN this is the award giving body who adjudged Gov. Vilma Santos 3x Grandslam winner for best actress. She's now a hall of famer, in fact, and yet, in your previous poll, it turned out Lorna Tolentino to be RP's best actress? huh! my foot.\!!!
  • R.P.'s Most LOVELIEST Young Actress !2008-11-12 06:51:20

    KC is the daughter of the influential megastar Sharon Cuneta and matinee idol gabby concepcion, even with a square shaped face and big heavy legs and wide mouth, she's got to be voted most beautiful or else hell will break loose.


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