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  • Which is the cutest Korean couple?2006-10-02 07:57:58

    Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae pairing is made in heaven type... They look perfect for each other!
  • Who is the most popular filipina actress?2006-10-02 07:48:01

    Of course... Angel Locsin! She's very gorgeous!
  • What do you think about Lee Dong Wook... is he handsome or not?2006-10-02 07:45:42

    LDW is purrrrrfect! He's so handsome, so hot, and I love him soooo much! OMG! why is the 'No, he is not handsome' choice prevailing?! Guys, i think you should look him closely enough... LDW is close to perfection... With his looks, his talents, his physique, and most especially, his attitude! He's a very nice son, friend, and idol!
  • Hyun Bin or Lee Dong Wook?2006-10-02 07:40:40

    OMG! Lee Dong Wook for sure! Hyun Bin is cute but not handsome as LDW! LDW is so handsome, gorgeous, and dashing! Hyun Bin is not in comparison with my oppa!
  • Goong VS My Girl?2006-10-02 07:34:22

    Definitely My Girl... I love both of these drama but I love My Girl more! Both of the storys are amazing! But I love the cast of My Girl more! Their acting are just too great and commendable! LDW-LDH chemistry are amazing and sooo natural! Wish they're dating in real life!
  • Full House or My Girl?2006-10-02 07:30:15

    I love both of these drama but I love My Girl more! the story is better and the cast are amazing! It's very funny and has never been boring! Whereas, there are some episodes in Full House that have become braggy! I love how My Girl ends! Very satisfying! And I was not really satisfied with the ending of Full House! not so satisfying! I love My Girl more because LDW and LDH are there! Their chemistry is awesome and so natural! I love them!
  • Which korean actress do you think best suits Lee Dong Wook?2006-10-02 07:21:58

    Of course! It's Lee Da Hae! No other k-actress can look good with LDW that LDH!!! Their chemistry is just too great and awesome! They are the best-onscreen couple... Theirs is too natural and very sweet! I love them!
  • Kim Tae Hee VS Lee Da-Hae VS Kim Hee Sun VS Han Ga In?2006-10-02 06:59:47

    I voted for Lee Da Hae... That is because she's an amazing actress... She acts exceptionally and she's very versatile... Not to mention, she's also very pretty and she has a nice attitude... I completely love her!


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