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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Patrick Garcia or Mark Herras? 2008-01-09
Who is the real teleserye king of abs-cbn? 2008-01-09
Who is the real teleserye queen of abs-cbn? 2008-01-09
Who has the prettiest face of all time among filipina actress? 2008-01-02
Who is better for Sandara Park? 2007-12-08
Who is the best villain actress in the Philippines? 2007-12-05
Who is your favorite actor/actress in maging sino ka man book 2? 2007-12-05
Are you in favor of Constitutional (Charter)Change in the Philippines? 2007-12-05
Do you want Bayani Fernando to run as president in 2010 election? 2007-12-01
Do you believe that Philippine economy is really getting stronger? 2007-12-01
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  • Dina Bonnevie or Lorna Tolentino?2008-01-09 17:36:45

    guys, thanks so much 4 making this poll 2nd most popular and most commentated poll. And this week's most active poll. it never crossed my mind that most of u will be interested between the rivalry of LT and MS D.
  • To whom do you attracted most?2007-12-08 12:02:26

    Filipinas are one of the most attracted people in the world. A proof to that is four time miss international and 2 miss universe titles, plus a countless runner ups and title holder from several other international beauty pageant
  • Worst Real Life Couple?2007-12-08 11:45:45

    tnx tata! =)
    alam mo restie, di ko alam pinagsasasabi mo as far as i am concern, ngayon ko lang sinama si snooky sa poll ko. nagkataon lang na sa tingin ko isa sila ni nino na worst real life love team. im trying to be as objective as possible.
  • Who is the most popular filipina actress?2007-09-19 15:34:42

    hi lorna laos, clarify ko lang pero kung nag iisip ka ng maigi there is one thing common sa mga choices, lahat sila naging bida na sa mga soap opera as of the date na ginawa ko, d ko sinama yung mga veteran actresses kasi there are appropriate poll site for trying to be as fair as possible sa mga choices ko. might as well don't vote nalang kung ayaw mo ng choices ko, im not forcing u naman e. sorry yoko sana kita patulan dahil parang mal edukado ka!
  • What is your favorite drama series?2006-10-28 13:28:55

    maganda rin kim sam soon pero d best talaga ang my girl


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