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  • Which korean actress do you think best suits Lee Dong Wook?2006-12-18 03:21:42

    you all said that coz you all see the chemistry of lee da hae and lee dong wook!!!! but when you see the chemistry of song hye kyo and lee dong wook you will realize that they were suits together!!! coz they are both fabulous!!!!
  • What is your all-time favorite Korean TV drama?2006-12-18 03:14:36

    fULLHOUSE is the best!!! it is funny!!! its really cute!!!!
  • Who is the prettiest Korean actress?2006-12-18 03:11:01

    100% SONG HYE KYO!!!!she is very beautiful and she has an angelic face!!! and she is a great actress!!! I think SHK is the most beautiful in all korean actress that i have saw!!!! she is very natural!!! go SONG HYE KYO!!!
  • Which is the cutest Korean couple?2006-12-18 03:06:27

    I think that Song hye kyo and Bi is the cuttest loveteam i've ever watched!!! SHK is very beautiful and she is natural!!!! I really like her thats why i voted for them!!!


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