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Attreyu 's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Who is a funny commedian Eddie Murphy or Chris Tucker 2007-02-06
Do think Clash of Ninja 2 is Fun? 2007-02-02
who is better Rock Lee or Sasuke 2007-02-02
Who is your favorite Rap Singer 2007-02-02
Do you think xiaolin showdown is a good show 2007-02-02
Do you think Naruto's annoying? 2007-02-01
who would win out of Itachi or Sasuke 2007-02-01
is Haku a boy or girl 2007-02-01
who is smarter Shikamaru or Neji 2007-01-31
who do you think is sexy Tamari or Hinata 2007-01-31
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