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Country: Japan
Member Since: 2007-02-20
Total Polls: 39
Total Points: 3712
Genius-meter: 70% (out of 284 votes)
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Anime_Lover's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Wu Zun Vs Mike He 2007-10-10
Study or homework? 2007-06-02
Do you like Rukia Kuchiki ? 2007-04-18
Do you think Syaoran and Sakura makes a good couple? 2007-04-18
Ichigo VS Hitsugaya 2007-04-08
Do you like how squidward laugh? 2007-04-06
Pikachu vs Pichu? 2007-04-06
Are you INSANE? 2007-04-06
Cosmo VS SpongeBob 2007-04-05
What month is your BirthDay? 2007-04-05
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