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  • Which of the following korean drama is most overrated (this is a NEGATIVE term)?2007-02-28 16:22:38

    princess hours drama indah kabor dr rupe..
    d story was not as what I'd expected..
    (cte nyer x seindah seperti ape y dgmbrkn..)
    I'd skip so many parts of d story coz it was too slow...I'd slept so many times watching that drama..n 4 others who has not watching that drama yet I reccomend u 2 not watching..
    not worth it
  • what is ur all-time favourite korean drama?2007-02-28 16:10:36

    with no doubt ...I would like 2 say that MY GIRL is d most my favourite korean drama all d time
  • Which of the following korean dramas do you dislike most?2007-02-28 16:07:44

    d ending of Autumn Shower drama is d worst among other korean dramas ending i've ever watched..
  • What was your favorite Korean drama in 2005?2007-02-28 16:03:58

  • Full House or My Girl?2007-02-28 15:55:44

    my girl d best(even Lee Dong Wook acting a little bit unreal but still my girl was much2 more funny than fullhouse),LDH N LDW are d'perfect couple..n d story is different from other story(time org lain pasang cte 2 aku pon sure akan melekat skali..ape lagi..join tgk r..even b4 2 dah byk kali dah tgk) other words 'my girl' will not make people bored 2 watch it repeatly
    there is no other drama can beat it..
    even how much popular rain n SHK are..
    (actually I don't like rain so much + d'full house story..its only ok at d started 2 be boring in d middle of d'story)
    + rain n SHK are not suits..
  • Who is more beautiful?2007-02-28 15:28:10

    WOW!!!in this case I need 2 be bias...I know song hye kyo is more beautiful..but I like Lee Da Hae moreeee..sorry..
    4 me d character of a person express how beautiful d'person was..n thats why I chose LDH coz I like her characters
  • chae rim vs song hye kyo2007-02-28 15:20:24

    of course song hye kyo even I like Chae Rim too..but the differences are 2 big..d way they act..its not chae rim can't act but SHK is better
  • most popular korean actress2007-02-28 15:08:09

    Owh!!!its not like what I expected..I thougt that Song Hye kyo is d most popular..rupa2nyer Kim Tae Hee..4 me Kim tae Hee is d'most beautiful among korean actresses but I didn't expected she is d'most popular..but I still devoted 2 one person which is LEE DA HAE..even she is not very pretty
  • Which Korean actress is too overrated (this is a NEGATIVE term)?2007-02-28 14:28:18

    Actually this poll is a little bit confusing..I've also mmisunderstood about d'topic b4 I read about this poll..
    4 me among d'korean actresses d'overrated one is Choi Ji Woo..she can only cry..4 me if she doesn't have d'look.. 4 sure she has haven't many fans..I think lee da hae,kim tae hee,n song hye gyo can play anykind of characters more than can only cry
  • Who among them fit the role of Ju Yu Rin in My Girl? 2007-02-28 14:12:53

    doushite!!!!there always Kim Tae hee's n Song hye gyo's names in every list..
    song Hye kyo..cannot..coz 2 short..
    Kim tae hee..hmmm..also cannot..can she acting as a happy girl?..I don't think so..


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