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Country: Belgium
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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
kokey or mga mata ni anghelita? 2007-12-15
abs-cbn or gma 2007-12-15
restie vs. mani-nila? 2007-12-15
cno ang karapat-dapat pumalit kay princess punzalan? 2007-12-07
claudine or marjorie or gretchen barreto 2007-12-02
sharon-gabby or maricel-william??? 2007-11-19
carrie underwood or kelly clarkson? 2007-11-17
do you believe bea alonzo just diet???? 2007-11-17
do u think ur perfect? 2007-11-17
which of these is the best website? 2007-11-17
Most Recent Comments  (last 10)
  • Sino Ang Mas Magaling Umarte: ERICH GONZALES or KIM CHIU?2011-04-22 02:51:37

    kim has won an acting award
  • WHO'S THE BIGGEST STAR OF HER TIME ('80s)...MARICEL OR SHARON?2009-07-02 06:33:37

    hmmm...i believe maricel is a greater actress than sharon.....but im not sayng sharon cant act...mas magaling lang talaga si maricel...pero in relation with the question...biggest star of her time...its sharon....if u want to know....nung ginawa yung movie ni maricel with paulate...tinapat yun sa movie ni shawie and herbert.....pero mas pinili at pinanood ng tao ang jack and jill..kaya hindi na tinatapatan ng regal ang movies ni shaw...
  • Most Promising Star of 2008 !2009-07-01 03:44:34

    proven its kc...nabigyan na nga ng award eh....
  • whos the best in debate junard or oliv???2009-06-30 02:59:41

    i think its 300-400!!!look at that...whew!!!more than 800 votes....oliv really won the competition....For i think 2 years of making this poll one of the most voted polls here in pollgenius and also as the creator of this poll...i now say that oliv is the queen of the pollsite....and mani-nila the princess...CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • whos the best in debate junard or oliv???2009-06-30 02:54:59

    so what can i say....when i created this poll...all the voters made oliv a queen leaving junard without any cent to buy for a food...but i think after a month!!i cant remember.....other member of this poll saying they are junards beloved fans/believers IN THE MAKING...hehehe just kidding....they came and voted for the one they love...making oliv a 2nd placer needing hundreds of votes for her to win....after 2 weeks oliv once again demolished junard beating him with...i cant remember but i think


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