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  • Which is the cutest Korean couple?2008-01-06 18:34:51

    definately SOng hye kyo and rain..they even got the award for being such a blissful couple
  • best korean actress-ur choice?????????????????2008-01-06 03:36:03

    f*** you the person with nickname" tae hee"..ur so not deserves to live when u said song hye kyo is a bitch...!Ur trash, bullshit!
  • Which Korean actress has the great height and body?2008-01-06 03:31:43

    lol, funny, we see each other again judanne22. i really dont like Kim Tae Hee, and look at how short she is!!She is only 1m63!!! hella short! What a great height ur talking about! Moreover, even thought she is skinny but no offense, she has no boobs or boddies..funny. i think Lee Hyori has the best body all out of Korean celebs. Too bad, she doesn;t fit in this poll though. she's not actress
  • Who has the most beautiful nose?2008-01-06 03:21:26

    and hey judanne22, i think that we're enemy since you show how much you muv KIm Tae hee..but im her no1 ANTI-FAN!
  • Who has the most beautiful nose?2008-01-06 03:20:19

    lol, KTH's nose is the best since she did plastic surgery...funny and unfair!
  • Lee Da Hae or Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee??2008-01-06 03:18:37

    Lee dae hee all the way..but Song hye kyo is cute also. I just hate Kim tae hee so much!!! Im no.1 anti-fan of Kim tae hee
  • Which korean actress do you find unattractive that are highly praised by many?2008-01-06 03:10:37

    i apologoze saying that my comment might offense "kimtaehee" but your comment just pissed me off. Look at your comment, you wanna get everyone's attention and pursue them to hate Song Hye Kyo...but your way of doing thing is just like your name" kim tae hee" (like to makes moves on people)..slut!
  • Which korean actress do you find unattractive that are highly praised by many?2008-01-06 03:05:24

    I totally agree with "youyou". You have the same point of view as mine. Kim tae hee is a slut, she'll do anything to get attention of people
  • Which korean actress do you find unattractive that are highly praised by many?2008-01-06 03:03:49

    lol hey the person with the nickname "kimtaehee" think ur everything and ur have the right to say who is bitch and who is supposse to go to hell huh? Who the fuck are you?? Dont chu you know that ur liltle whore,a slut!...Song hye Kyo has such a pure eyes and cute lips, look at your "kimtaehee"...and see how God has created her has the evil looking, even her name means "go to hell" also. Song hye kyo and lee hae hee is one of the purest k-actress. U can tell that Kim Tae Hee used ti do plastic surgery. What a shame!
  • Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Gyo?2008-01-06 02:27:09

    lol...i think that SHK is way better than KTH. i always wonder why people luv LTH so much??! I think that KTH's bettest movie so far is " love story in havard" and compare to SHK in "full house" , SHK' skills of acting is way more professional than KTH!! SHK all the way!


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