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Country: Canada
Member Since: 2007-02-21
Total Polls: 243
Total Points: 27803
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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
fav caracter in avatar?? 2007-04-07
fav caracter in danny phantom?? 2007-04-07
fav caracter in martin mistery?? 2007-04-07
when do you wake up?? 2007-04-07
can you survive without TV?? 2007-04-07
can you survive without computer?? 2007-04-07
wat do you prefer?? 2007-04-07
would it be cool if there were no laws?? 2007-04-07
do you like medicine?? 2007-04-07
wat would you do with a billion $ ?? 2007-04-07
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