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Country: United States
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azndgn26's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
How do you feel about repeated polls? 2007-03-24
Do you have a paid(non-free) email ? 2007-03-24
Who do you want to win for the 2008 US Presidential Election? 2007-03-24
Were you ever a teacher's pet? 2007-03-19
Do you currently live in the country that you were not born in? 2007-03-19
How do you [mostly] commute to school? 2007-03-19
Do you [mostly] stick with your own race of people? 2007-03-19
Have you ever won something out of luck (ie lottery, raffle, etc)? 2007-03-19
Which Taiwan drama have the worst acting? 2007-03-19
Which Korean drama have the worst acting? 2007-03-19
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