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Country: Philippines
Member Since: 2006-10-01
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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Who is the perfect partner for Kristine Hermosa? 2007-11-15
Christine Reyes or Carlene Aguilar? 2007-11-15
Do you find Nikki Gil pretty? 2007-11-08
Who is liable in Glorietta 2 blast? 2007-11-08
Will you still shop at glorietta 2? 2007-10-30
Who is the hottest star in the teleserye Marimar? 2007-10-30
Maverick or Ariel? 2007-10-30
Who is the real heart throb, sam milby or piolo pascual? 2007-10-30
Do you like Mariel Rodriguez as PBB Celebrity Edition 2 housemate? 2007-10-30
Who is more credible, Sam Milby or Lolit Solis? 2007-10-30


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