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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
favourite character in Full House 2007-04-02
do you like Song Hye Kyo? 2007-04-02
What is your fav. car company 2007-03-25
favourite asian food 2007-03-12
Where do ghost hide? 2007-03-08
are you planning to get an IPHONE? 2007-03-05
Do you eat durian? 2007-03-03
do you like the song CASABLANCA? 2007-03-03
Best way to confess love 2007-02-28
Best hang out place 2007-02-26
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  • Were you ever a teacher's pet?2007-04-09 23:38:56

    when i was young.. YES.. my teacher is like over protecting me.. when I did something wrong,, she always denies it and say it was an accident.. then later she talks to me about it in private.. =D she was such a good teacher..!!!!
  • Do you like wearing turtlenecks?2007-04-09 23:21:00

    always hated it.. i can't live with anything on my neck.. I get so annoyed with turtleneck, necklaces (not really), and scarves
  • Do u hate Ron Ng?2007-04-09 23:19:34

    .. YES!
  • Do u hate Gigi Lai?2007-04-09 23:19:14

  • Which is your favourite pair in Dance of Passion?2007-04-09 23:18:50

    yeah!! Charmaine and Moses.. very very nicely paired!!!
  • which chinese\Korean series series do you like??2007-04-09 17:12:16

    that's what I thought too.. isn't it Korean?
  • Do u like School?2007-04-09 17:10:53

    no.. i really like school, i just hate all the work from it.. and the quizzes.. and tests
  • you have a MP3?2007-04-09 17:09:28

    yeah i had 3.. but then 2 broke.. when i got my third 1.. on the second day i got it, i sat on it by accident, and the headphones squished it.. so the LCD screen cracked xD ahh oh well.. i listen to music on my phone now
  • how many msn contacts do you have??2007-04-08 22:44:41

    grrr msn is so annoying.. i used to have 100+ but i got so pissed off at all those random people who added me.. and never talk to me. so I decided to delete them all.. so now I'm left with like 65.. =)
  • Pure Hollywood Beauty2007-04-08 22:38:11

    Jessica Alba,
    she is hot hot hot!!!


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