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Country: United Kingdom
Member Since: 2006-07-20
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Total Points: 22653
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theusedfan101's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Do you enjoy blowing your nose? 2006-10-10
blink-182's Stay Together For The Kids, or Adams Song? 2006-10-10
The Distillers or Rancid? 2006-10-10
blink-182 or (+44)? 2006-10-10
Best Punk-Rock Band? 2006-10-10
My top 10 bands. which is you favorite? 2006-10-09
Is there a meaning of life? 2006-10-02
Have you ever stolen anything? 2006-10-02
If you saw a friend steal, what would you do? 2006-10-02
If you were going to jail for 20 years, for murder, would you let a best friend take the blame to get off free? 2006-10-02


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