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Country: Canada
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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
did you ever had a food fight?? 2007-04-07
did you ever slept in class?? (I mean for real) 2007-04-07
rather lose leg or arm?? 2007-04-07
since when did you had an account on pollgenius?? 2007-04-07
do you like MCR's new album "welcome to the black parade"?? 2007-04-07
rather be called anorexic or over-weighted?? 2007-04-07
Nationality (not necessarily the country you live in) 2007-04-07
do you swear often?? 2007-04-07
where did you met your crush?? 2007-04-07
wat kind of friend do you apreciate?? 2007-04-07
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