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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
What is the most amount of money you spent on a game console (regular or hand-held)? 2007-01-05
Have you ever been to a real concert before? 2007-01-05
How many US states (including the one you live in if in US) have you been to? 2007-01-05
How many different continents (including the one you live in) have you been to? 2007-01-05
How many different countries (including the one you're living in) have you been to? 2007-01-05
Which is more obnoxious? 2007-01-05
Do you like Duet Songs? 2007-01-04
When you wear a belt, which side do you loop it? 2007-01-04
If you have a watch on, which side do you put it on? 2007-01-04
What do you like to do at the beach? 2007-01-02
Most Recent Comments  (last 10)
  • Who do you like most?2007-01-06 13:35:08

    SS501 has the best songs, then it's Super Junior, and then DBSK (I don't really like em)
  • are you in grade school? high school? college?2007-01-06 13:33:56

    I'm a high schooler, will be in college very soon. What happened to the option of middle school or Junior High?
  • Which tvb star would you cry the most for; if they died?2007-01-06 13:30:32

    I don't think I'd cry, I'd be sad but not have tears in my eyes
  • Did you lose a friend, a loved one, or a family member to 9/11 attacks?2007-01-06 11:40:48

    9/11 attacks is the day when the world trade center (and the pentagon) was hit by hijacked airplanes by the terrorists. It is believed that the attack happened that day was because of the significance of the day "9/11" which is "911," the number we use to call for help or emergency. It was a really tragic event. The news was spread across the whole world and is will be in history. The World Trade Center no longer stands today and is still in the process of clean up. The attack happened in 2001 and it is currently called Ground Zero. Thousands of civilians died, even fire fighters and police officers who tried to save the lives of those in the towers. These attacks were planned by Osama Bin Laden, whom President Bush was suppose to find but is obviously trying to avoid it by forcing our troops to Iraq so our attention would be about the Iraq War instead of Bin Laden. We have a memorial every year on 9/11.
  • Did you lose a friend, a loved one, or a family member to 9/11 attacks?2007-01-06 11:26:33

    oO o wow, I didn't think there'd be someone who has no knowledge of this significant event unless of course u're one of those young young generations or one who's not up to date with current events.
  • BoA or Eugene Kim? why?2007-01-05 20:28:20

    @yumikumi Eugene may not be the most prettiest but she's a natural and BoA's a total fake, carrying a face that never belonged to her in the first place.
  • Do you think Charmaine Sheh is a good actress?2007-01-04 02:46:55

    It's amazing how one can go so low...tsk tsk
  • Who is more beautiful?2007-01-04 02:45:24

    Lee Da Hae is OD OVERRATED! She's just average period.
  • Who is the sexiest Hong Kong TVB's actor? 2007-01-04 02:38:45

    There aren't any!
  • edison chen or nicholas tse?2007-01-04 00:36:09

    They both suck, especially when it comes to acting! Edison has no talent and Nicholas is nearly the same.


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