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Country: Canada
Member Since: 2007-02-21
Total Polls: 243
Total Points: 27803
Genius-meter: 54% (out of 2413 votes)
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Title/Question of Poll Date Created
how do you say it's cool?? 2007-04-07
wat's your sign?? 2007-04-07
do you write messages on your polls?? 2007-04-07
do you vote on your polls?? 2007-04-07
mad,scared or cry?? 2007-04-07
wat do you like to draw?? 2007-04-07
which music band has the "hard to recognize lyrics" songs?? 2007-04-07
on pollgenius, who would you take as a friend?? 2007-04-07
in your family, who wakes up first?? 2007-04-07
which card game rules?? 2007-04-07
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