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azndgn26's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
Have you ever attended a funeral? 2007-01-02
Have you ever eaten dog meat? 2007-01-02
Do you have your own bank account? 2007-01-02
If you were to live with only one of your parents, who would you choose? 2007-01-02
How old were you when you learned to ride a bike w/ two wheels? 2007-01-02
Did you ever have a neopets account? 2007-01-02
What is the longest typed essay you've ever written? 2007-01-02
What is the brand of your backpack? 2007-01-02
Do you attend a public or private School? 2007-01-02
Hollywood actors have the best acting skills? 2007-01-02
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