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Country: United Kingdom
Member Since: 2006-07-20
Total Polls: 331
Total Points: 22653
Genius-meter: 52% (out of 1705 votes)
Member Ranking: Level 6

theusedfan101's polls

Title/Question of Poll Date Created
What country is you least favorite? 2006-09-12
Do you click on ad banners 2006-09-12
Which fruit seeds annoy you most? 2006-09-11
How Will The World End? 2006-09-11
Who Would Be In Your Ultimate Band? 2006-09-10
Have you ever eaten a bug? 2006-09-09
How could PollGenius improve this site? 2006-09-09
On the PollGenius frontpage, it says 'The smartest place online to create, search, share, and vote on polls', is this true? 2006-09-09
Would you rather... 2006-09-09
Do you enjoy taking part in online polls? 2006-09-09


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