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  1. Should I go with Local Denver Movers?
    Created by jackflaming
    Options: No, Yes
  2. Do you have enough ventilation in your sub-floor area?
    Created by AliWay
    Options: No, Yes
  3. ¿Cómo prefieres pagar por las cosas que compras en línea?
    Created by chucurulo
    Options: Pago Efectivo, PayPal, Tarjeta de Crédito, tPago, Transferencia Bancaria
  4. Should plumbing service charge a flat rate or on the basis of time and material for any plumbing services they offer??
    Created by DCTaylor
    Options: Hourly charge and Charge for parts, Best guessing, Flat rate, No comment
  5. Is black is the most flattering or Slimmning color for full shaped body?
    Created by AHMarcum
    Options: No, Yes
  6. ¿Te gustaria probrar cereales andinos en yogurt helado?
    Created by GiulianaArce
    Options: No, Nose, Sí
  7. ¿Quiénes de estas personas deseas que formen parte del Comité de Becarios 2014-2015 de AVAA?
    Created by GMaynard
    Options: Albornoz Dhayana, Barreto Pedro, Briceño Ricardo, Caballero Adriana
  8. After college studies or job?
    Created by key difference
    Options: Job, Studies
  9. What new Katee Owen videos and pictures would you like to see in the future?
    Created by User
    Options: Banging a suction cup dildo (attached to a mirror), Using nipple clamps, Wearing bodysuits, Wearing garter belts
  10. what is your pbb all in like?
    Created by Angging
    Options: louisa, aina, alex, daniel, fifth


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