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  1. Who is the best Philippine movie queen?
    Created by Vladimir
    Options: Maricel Soriano, Vilma Santos, Amalia Fuentes, Nora Aunor, Sharon Cuneta
  2. who is the best soccer manager live manager?
    Created by sandiledlamini
    Options: chelsea, napoli, slayer, tp mazembe
  3. Who do you think had the best verse in Orlando Cypher Vol.1?
    Created by mobbux
    Options: megga, kd
  4. boa ideia?
    Created by portugalTNA
    Options: não, sim
  5. Do you like this game ?
    Created by linux
    Options: No, Yes
  6. Trofeo Marcelo 2013/2014. Vota por tu jugador/es favoritos.
    Created by salamanka
    Options: 01 ALFONSO, 03 MARIO, 04 COTO, 05 DANY, 06 LUIS
  7. Do you know things to be considered while buying Softball bat?
    Created by BruceFolie
    Options: No, Yes
  8. What Team Building Event Should New Horizons Do in 2013?
    Created by New Horizons
    Options: Davie and Busters, Game Show Mania, Iron Chef Culinary Event, Spar Fit Obstacle
  9. Top 5 Radio Nissi
    Created by Radio Nissi
    Options: Mi vida es tu lugar - Anne Patiño, Fuego de Dios - Hillsong, Incomparable - Jennifer Salinas, La gloria de Dios - Ricardo Montaner, Relax - Santo Remedio
  10. Karapat DAPAT na REYNA ng Pelikulang Pilipino NGAYON !
    Created by oliv2068
    Options: Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Kim Chiu, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera


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