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  1. Most Appealing Filipina Celebrity OF ALL TIME
    Created by MONTOGAWE
    Options: Lorna Tolentino, Dina Bonnevie, Nora Aunor, Angel Locsin, Maricel Soriano
  2. which is the best and female taiwan female actor in the taiwanese drama
    Created by Felicia
    Options: joe chen qiao en, ella, cindy, sellina, esther liu
  3. If you could have things your way, who would you pick as Sam Wang Shao Wei's leading actress in his next project?
    Created by Three Berries
    Options: none, Qiao En, Xiao Qiao, Ruby Lin, Rainie Yang
  4. who's taiwan actor and actress is the best?
    Options: ming dao and qiao en-prince turn to frog, Mike He and Rainie Yang, wallace huo and penny-100% senorita, HULK!!, leon jay williams and cindy wang-la robe de mariee des cieux


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