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  1. Which idol drama u love the most?
    Created by mickeymouse16
    Options: My Lucky Star, Devil Beside You, Meteor Garden, Romantic Princess, Hana Kimi
  2. What if the person you love doesn't love you that much?
    Created by gailnav80
    Options: You would still quest for love., You would leave him/her., You would stop loving him/her., You wouldn't care at all., You would get even.
  3. Love to Love vs. Love Spell?
    Created by hottie
    Options: love 2 love, love spell
  4. Christmas is around the corner. How will you celebrate it?
    Created by irislim
    Options: Opening presents, Watching television, Spending time with family, Other, Spending time with family friends
  5. Which Taiwan drama have the worst acting?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Hana Kimi, It Started with a Kiss, A Chinese Ghost Story, Devil Beside You, My MVP Valentine
  6. What taiwanese drama do u like better
    Created by firen
    Options: devil beside you, hana kimi, meteor garden, prince turn into a frog, It started with a kiss
  7. Which Taiwanese Drama do you think is the best...?
    Created by I_Y_G
    Options: My Lucky Star, Devil Beside You, Hana Kimi, Silence, The X-family
  8. Sinong SIKAT? (In this corner ... The LEADING ACTORS)
    Created by oliv2068
    Options: Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual, Dennis Trillo, Derek Ramsey, Diether Ocampo
  9. Best Taiwanese drama you've watched?
    Created by Yu Qin Lei
    Options: FAted to love (Chen Qiao EN and Ethan Ruan), Bull Fighting ( Mike He and Hebe Tian ), Corner with Love ( Barbie Xu and Show Luo), Devil Beside You (Mike He and Rainie YAng), Hana Kimi ( Wu Chun and Ella Chen)
  10. Which Series Do You Think is The Best?
    Created by shilrey
    Options: Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (starring: Wu Zun, Ella Chen, Jiro Wang), Why Why Love (starring: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Kingone Wang), Prince Turned into a Frog (starring: 183 Club, Qiao En Chen), Romantic Princess (starring: Wu Zun, Angela Zhang, Calvin Chen, George Hu), Corner with Love (starring:Barbie Hsu, Show Luo)


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