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  1. are u an angel or a Devil
    Created by Fairysnow
    Options: 50%angel 50% Evil, Angel, KANTUTERO AKO, bad.., DEvil
  2. Thank You vs Witch Amusement vs The Devil
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: I don't know, Witch Amusement, Thank You, The Devil, None
  3. Devil Beside You VS Smile Pasta
    Created by Nikki Jung
    Options: devil beside you, NONE!, smile pasta, BOTH
  4. Resurrection vs. The Devil *Mawang* which do you prefer??
    Created by didiellza
    Options: The Devil, Resurrection, none
  5. Which couple in Devil's Disciples is the matchest?
    Created by TaviaRox
    Options: None of these pairs, Bosco Wong and Bernice Liu, never saw this show, Bosco Wong and Shirley Yeung, Kevin Cheng and Sharon Chan
  6. Rate!! DEVIL BESIDE YOU!!!
    Created by Anime_Lover
    Options: 1 worst, 5 BEST, I dunno, 4, 2
  7. who fits with Rainie Yang more?
    Created by rainloveyumi
    Options: Wu chun (Sunshine angel), Show luo Zhi Xiang (from hi my sweetheart), Aaron yan ya lun (Sunshine angel), Alien huang hong sheng (xiao gui) (from Drunken to love you), Calvin chen yi ru (Sunshine angel)
  8. who is the best kisser?
    Created by -xoxo-
    Options: Jerry Yan, Mike He, Joo ji Hoon
  9. Which Korean/Taiwanese drama has the best OST?
    Created by pinchqueen2
    Options: It Started With A Kiss, Devil Beside You, Hot Shot, Smiling Pasta, Sorry, I Love You
  10. which drama do you think is the best?
    Created by artkyo
    Options: devil beside you, a prince who turn into a frog, meteor garden 1, mvp valentine, Lavender


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