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  1. Do u confuse the word "band" for groups?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: I don't care, I call them bands anyways, No, Yes
  2. What new features would you like to see on PollGenius next?
    Created by psychez
    Options: Ability to sort search results by Most Popular, Most Recent, etc., Member Groups, Messaging Center, Multi-Question polls, More profile fields such as uploading avatar
  3. Favorite Member Of blink-182?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: I hate blink-182!!, Mark Hoppus, Scott Raynor, they're all "ok"..., Tom DeLonge
  4. Favorite member of The Simpsons family?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge
  5. Among the three f4 groups which is the original for you?
    Created by gailnav80
    Options: F4 Korean, F4 Taiwan, F4 Japan
  6. Which of these Chinese pop rock groups do you like?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Fahrenheit, F.I.R., 5566, K One, Nan Quan Mama
  7. Are u an Asianfanatic member?
    Created by wiinni3
    Options: Yes, No
  8. among the f4 member's who is hatest member of f4
    Created by cristy
    Options: vanness wu, vic zhou, jerry yan, ken chu
  9. Which chinese actor turned singer do you like best?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Alec Su You Peng (former Little Tiger member), Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (Fahrenheit member), Arron Yan Ya Kun (Fahrenheit member), Hacken Lee, Matthew Lin Ming Dao (183 Club member)
  10. Which is your favorite Korean male group?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Shinhwa, DBSK/DBSG, Super Junior, Fly To The Sky, Buzz


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