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  1. What new features would you like to see on PollGenius next?
    Created by psychez
    Options: Ability to sort search results by Most Popular, Most Recent, etc., Member Groups, Messaging Center, Multi-Question polls, More profile fields such as uploading avatar
  2. Which icon/avatar image should I use on all sites (if any?)
    Created by ChrisDoelle
    Options: #5, #1, #2, #3, #4
  3. Who do you think the oldest in Super Junior?(used your first feel not their profile)
    Created by ming_sjpeace
    Options: Kangin, Eeteuk, Hankyung, Heechul, Shindong
  4. Do you do a lot of downloading?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Yes, legally and illegally, I don't download much, Yes, illegally, I do a lot of uploading, No
  5. ??What's your fav TV show??
    Created by viicto.O ~
    Options: The fairly odd parents, Access hollywood, Naruto, All of them!!, Avatar: the last airbender
  6. Qual foi o filme mais visto de 2010?
    Created by Ana Carvalho
    Options: A Origem, Avatar, Harry Potter e os Talismãs da Morte- Parte 1, Shrek para Sempre!
  7. Do you join Hancinema?
    Created by nicolechanjiaxin
    Options: Yes, No, What the hell is Hancinema???, I used to be..but now I deleted my profile...
  8. Does Poll Genius offer a Myspace widget?
    Created by webtracker
    Options: What's a widget?, Yes they do!, No they don't!
  9. In Super Junior, which member you want to married or dated? (Please leave a comments for a reason)
    Created by ming_sjpeace
    Options: Han Geng / Han Kyung [9/2/1984], Kim Ki Bum [21/8/1987], Kim Ryeo Wook [21/6/1987], Park Jung Su (Lee Teuk) [1/7/1983], Cho Kyu Hyun [3/2/1988]
  10. What the hell, people?
    Created by assetbar-admin
    Options: Add Social Network Tools: friend and follow existing users, richer profile where you can add your own pics, etc., Better SMS management: i.e turn off messages at night, etc., Emails updates should contain the contain the full text, Give me a weekly (or daily) wrap up email, Myspace or Facebook app, so you can view fanflows inside MS or FB.


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