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  1. Winter Sonata VS Goong VS My Girl
    Created by nicolechanjiaxin
    Options: My Girl, Winter Sonata, Goong
  2. Princess Lulu VS Lovers In Paris
    Created by esther
    Options: Lovers In Paris, Princess Lulu
  3. Autumn Story VS Winter Sonata VS Summer Scent
    Created by esther
    Options: Winter Sonata, Autumn Story, Summer Scent
  4. Which Taiwanese Drama do you think is the best...?
    Created by I_Y_G
    Options: My Lucky Star, Devil Beside You, Hana Kimi, Silence, The X-family
  5. What taiwanese drama do u like better
    Created by firen
    Options: devil beside you, hana kimi, meteor garden, prince turn into a frog, It started with a kiss
  6. Which korean drama has the nicest songs?
    Created by esther
    Options: Full House, my girl, Save Your Last Dance For Me, Goong, stairways to heaven
  7. The best korean drama..
    Created by Yoo-rin
    Options: love story in harvard, My girl, princess hour/palace, Full house, winter sonata
  8. Which korean dramas has a very unsatisfactory ending?
    Created by oppafanatic
    Options: Memories in Bali, Stairways of Heaven, Winter Sonata, Full House, dunno
  9. What is your Fav. Country to visit?
    Created by juhi183
    Options: South Korea, China, Paris, philippines, Taiwan
  10. which is the most meaningful korean drama based on the storyline?
    Created by oppafanatic
    Options: Full House, I'm Sorry I Love You, Memories in Bali, Save the last dance, i dunno


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