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  1. Good Pic of Ayu?
    Created by yumikumi
    Options: No, Yes
  2. Is patience by Take That a really good song?
    Created by yumikumi
    Options: Don't know this song, Dunno, Yeah..., Nope
  3. Who is the prettiest Korean singer?
    Created by benlin
    Options: BoA, Hyori, eugene, Chae Yeon, Sim Eun Jin
  4. Who do you hate?
    Created by yumikumi
    Options: Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Eason
  5. Which is your favorite Korean male group?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Shinhwa, DBSK/DBSG, Super Junior, Fly To The Sky, Buzz
  6. ??Which song do you like from Avril Lavigne in her first album??
    Created by viicto.O ~
    Options: Complicated, I'm with you, Sk8ter boi, Anything but ordinary, Losing grip
  7. Whose your favorite member of Fly To The Sky?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Hwan Hee(Fany), Brian Joo, Don't Have One
  8. Fav song from Avril's second album??
    Created by viicto.O ~
    Options: My happy ending, Don't tell me, Freak out, He wasn't, Fall to pieces
  9. What's Your Favorite Bad Religion Song?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: American Jesus, I Want To Conquer The World, Los Angeles Is Burning, Punk Rock Song, Sorrow
  10. wat do you do to pass time??
    Created by viicto.O ~
    Options: computer, daydreaming, sleep, music, act


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