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  1. Who is your favorite character from the Harry Potter books?
    Created by benlin
    Options: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory, Albus Dumbledore
  2. which movie is better harry potter or lord of the rings
    Created by soccer fan99
    Options: harry potter, Ewww they suck sooo bad , lord of the rings
  3. Do you think Professor Snape is evil after reading Harry Potter Book 6 The Half-Blood Prince?
    Created by psychez
    Options: No, I didn't read Book 6, I'm not sure, Yes
  4. Have you read any of the Harry Potter series??
    Created by rainbowmessenger
    Options: Yes, No
  5. who is your favourite pairing in harry potter?
    Created by aureen
    Options: Harry and Hermione, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Cho, Ginny and Draco, Hermione and Draco
  6. in harry potter series who is yout want to be lovers?
    Created by katreenamae
    Options: harry and hermionie, ron and hermionie, huh i don't know them
  7. Harry or Hermione or Ron ?
    Created by gReat_puNishEr
    Options: Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Harry Potter and Harmoine, i hate harry potter, Ron Weisley (Rupert Grint)
  8. Who is the prettiest in Harry Potter???
    Created by Nikki Jung
    Options: Hermione Granger, Cho Chang, Cho Chang ang Harmoine, HULK!!, Fleur Delacour
  9. Who should be the girlfriend of Harry Potter?
    Created by jayniella
    Options: Hermione Granger, Cho Chang, hello kitty, Hulk!!, Luna Lovegood
  10. Who suites best to be harry potter's girlfriend?
    Created by gailnav80
    Options: Hermione, Ginny, Cho Chang


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