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  1. Which Korean/Taiwanese drama has the best OST?
    Created by pinchqueen2
    Options: It Started With A Kiss, Devil Beside You, Hot Shot, Smiling Pasta, Sorry, I Love You
  2. Who is the most talented Korean actress?
    Created by branmask
    Options: Ku Hye Sun, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ga In, lee dae hae, park han byul
  3. Who is the best looking korean male actor?
    Created by shilrey
    Options: Kwon Sang Woo (Stairway To Heaven), Lee Dong Wook (My Girl), Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance), Rain (Full House), Won Bin (Autumn Love Story)
  4. Which movies are better: Korean or Chinese?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Korean, Both; too hard to choose, Chinese, Haven't seen Korean movies to compare, None
  5. Who is the hottest korean actress?
    Created by asian
    Options: Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Da Hae, Yoon Eun Hye, Choi Ji Woo
  6. Chinese vs Korean vs Japanese
    Created by rainbowmessenger
    Options: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
  7. Which is the cutest Korean couple?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Rain(Bi) & Song Hye Kyo (Full House), Kim Rae Won & Kim Tae Hee (Love Story In Harvard), Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae (My Girl), Joo Ji Hoon & Yoon Eun Hye (Goong/Palace), Ji Sung & Eugene (Save The Last Dance)
  8. Who is the prettiest Korean actress?
    Created by benlin
    Options: Song Hye Gyo, Kim Tae-hee, Kim Eugene, Lee Da Hae, Lee young ae
  9. Which is the saddest korean drama?
    Created by esther
    Options: Endless Love(Autumn Story), I'm Sorry I Love You, Winter Sonata, Sad Love Story (Sad Sonata ), The Bali Story
  10. Who is the hottest korean actor?
    Created by asian
    Options: kwon sang woo, Rain/Bi, Lee Dong Wook, Hyun Bin, Lee Joon Ki


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