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  1. Which country's music do you prefer?
    Created by weirdo90
    Options: All, America's, Korea's, China's, other country's
  2. Do you illegally download music?
    Created by benlin
    Options: Yes, No, sometimes
  3. Which site do you use to listen to music?
    Created by Kafka
    Options: Another one, Grooveshark, Jango,, Pandora
  4. which tvb drama has the best opening theme song music video?
    Created by Jinny
    Options: Triumph in the sky, Twin of Brothers, Revolving doors of Vengeance, Gentle Crackdown, Virtues of Harmony
  5. Are you a music lover? If so, what kind of music you like?
    Created by sAYuRi
    Options: R&B, Alter, Classic, Country, Pop
  6. 50 Cent or 2 Pac?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: Neither, 50 Cent, 2 Pac
  7. fave music?
    Created by chillpill18
    Options: Indy Rock, Pop, dance/techno, hip hop, R&B
  8. do u listen to music every day?
    Created by wiinni3
    Options: Yes, No
  9. Rate my music
    Created by DJ Jenz
    Options: I don't like the style, Good, Bad, Not bad, I love it!
  10. what kind of music do you like
    Created by alter
    Options: all, none of them, pop, punk, Sad Korean OSTs and songs


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