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  1. Do you think should Harry Potter be with Hermoine Granger insist of Cho Chang?
    Created by DEHLISA EMYLISA
    Options: Yes, No idea, No
  2. Does the movie "Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix rocks"?
    Created by gailnav80
    Options: Yes, No
  3. what do u guys think of new harry potter film, the order of phoenix?
    Created by potato
    Options: I haven't watched it, I like it...It's great, I don't feel anything about it, I don't like it, never watched harry potter's movies && never will
  4. will emma witson star in the last two harry potter films?
    Created by potato
    Options: yes, I don't know exactly, She will star in Dora the explorer, no
  5. Books or Movie?
    Created by crayonbox
    Options: Movie, I rather watch them, Books, I rather read them
  6. Qual é o livro mais comprado de todos os tempos?
    Created by carlamsantos
    Options: Bíblia, Coletânea Harry Potter, Fantasma da ópera, Orgulho e preconceito, Os três mosqueteiros
  7. Qual é a tua saga favorita?
    Created by Inês
    Options: Saga Harry Potter, Saga Lord Of The Rings, Saga The Hunger Games, Saga Twilight
  8. What is your Favorite Movie of All-time?
    Created by skeptic
    Options: TVB Series, Titanic, A Walk to Remember, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Justine: Nothing to hide
  9. Which rising star you like most?
    Created by husna_ryu
    Options: Zac Efron- High School Musical, Shia La Beouf- Transformers, Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter, Lee Jun-ki, Sung Yu-ri
  10. What do you think is the 2007 movie of the year?
    Created by dwayne03
    Options: Rush hour 3, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Transformers, Borne Ultimatum, Pirates of the Caribbean


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