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  1. which of these actress would you want to get marry with (it dont matter if they are married
    Created by azn dragon
    Options: none, liela tong, kenix kwok, michelle yip, niki chow
  2. which tvb on-screen couple do you support?
    Created by runaway_gone_
    Options: leila & bosco. (life made simple), flora & bowie. (healing hands), michelle & raymond. (eternal happiness), none., tavia & raymond. (twin of brothers)
  3. Are you a fan of Myolie Wu?
    Created by Twister1278
    Options: No, Yes
  4. dO u TVB fans like myolie wu??
    Created by TVB4ever
    Options: i hAte her, she's my idOl, sHe's Ok, 1 wOrd...(disgUstInG), she's sOOo uGLY
  5. Myolie vs Tavia?
    Created by Colorful
    Options: Tavia, Myoile, none, both
  6. Myolie Wu Pretty?
    Created by wiinni3
    Options: No, She okay, Yes
  7. Should Myolie be with Bosco?
    Created by shirley1229
    Options: No, Yes, dunno
  8. Will you still like Bosco Wong if he is really dating with Myolie?
    Created by OKAYOKAY
    Options: yes, no
  9. who made a better couple with myolie wu in survivor's law?
    Created by sango112000
    Options: raymond lam, sammul chan, neither, i dunno...haven't seen it
  10. If you watched the gateaux affairs did you like joe ma and myolie wu's pairing?
    Created by sango112000
    Options: no, yes, dont care, haven


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