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  1. Which is your favorite Taiwanese male band group?
    Created by psychez
    Options: F4, 183 Club, Fahrenheit, 5566, 183 club and f4
  2. Who is the better dancer of the two - Rain or Se7en?
    Created by benlin
    Options: Rain, Se7en
  3. What do you think of Barbie and Zaizai's relationship?
    Created by Leeniexoxo
    Options: They're cute together, They should not be together, He's too young for her, She's too old for him
  4. Which Chinese female singer do you like most?
    Created by naikiru
    Options: Miriam Yeung, Rainie Yang Chen Ling, Jolin Tsai Yi Ling, Angela Zhang Shau Han, Joey Yeong
  5. Who?
    Created by yumikumi
    Options: Ada Choi, Leila Tong, Charmaine Sheh, Other (please leave comment and specify)
  6. Which rock band is your favorite?
    Created by momo
    Options: blink 182, linkin park, green day, u2, click 5
  7. Who is your favorite member in Shinhwa?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Eric Mun, Minwoo, Andy, Junjin, Dongwan
  8. does Siroflex really make the Worlds Greatest Showerhead?
    Created by siroflex
    Options: dont know, yes, I know so, no
  9. Who's Your Favorite Lead Singer?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: none, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Mark Hoppus of blink-182 and Plus 44, Avril Lavigne, from Avril Lavigne, Axl Rose of Guns 'N' Roses
  10. Best song by The Used?
    Created by theusedfan101
    Options: A Box Full Of Sharp Objects, Blue And Yellow, hate all, Maybe Memories, 801 Underground


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