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  1. Which country or state produces your favorite dramas?
    Created by irislim
    Options: Korea, Hong Kong, don't watch dramas, Philippines, Taiwan
  2. Are you Chinese??
    Created by rainbowmessenger
    Options: I'm a mix, Yes, No
  3. who is the best actress in tvb since 1997?
    Created by dlwx
    Options: charmaine sheh, ada choi, leila tong, michelle ye, myolie wu
  4. What is the best tv song ever heard (name of show)?
    Created by DUCKY
    Options: the last breakthrough, triumph in the skies, aqua heroes, twin of brothers, lady fan
  5. Which asian drama will you choose?
    Created by ad-lan
    Options: korea, hong kong, taiwan, philipines, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines
  6. Which country of stars have the worst acting skills?
    Created by azndgn26
    Options: Malaysia, Singapore, China (Taiwan), Korea, Mainland China
  7. Which country's dramas/movies/tv shows you like most?
    Options: Korea, Hong Kong, philippines, Hong Kong (TVB) and Korean, China
  8. do you think Kary Ng is pretty?
    Created by board_rider
    Options: ugly, good voice, no, she is just fine, yes, ugly, I agree with you!! she is pretty~
  9. Which country do you live in?
    Created by cookie_chong
    Options: America, Canada, Malaysia, Other..please add to poll, Philippines
  10. Do you like Myolie Wu?
    Created by rainbowmessenger
    Options: Yes, No


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