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  1. Who?
    Created by yumikumi
    Options: Rain Bi, Raymond Lam, Se7en and Rain, None, Dunno
  2. Who is your favorite Sanrio character?!?
    Created by Dave
    Options: Hello Kitty, Bad Badtz Maru, Choco Cat, Keroppi, Pochacco
  3. Kim Tae Hee VS Lee Da-Hae VS Kim Hee Sun VS Han Ga In?
    Created by Saranghae_Oppa36
    Options: Kim Tae Hee, Lee Da-Hae, Han Ga In, Kim Hee Sun
  4. What is the best asian food?
    Created by hmy126
    Options: Chinese, all asian food are yummy!, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese
  5. Are you a fan of Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin)? from what country are you?
    Created by gReat_puNishEr
    Options: Not a fan of hers, U.S, Thailand, Australia, China
  6. Who is your favorite member in Shinhwa?
    Created by obsessed15
    Options: Eric Mun, Minwoo, Andy, Junjin, Dongwan
  7. do you like Song Hye Kyo?
    Created by board_rider
    Options: she is the prettiest girl i've ever seen!, don't like her
  8. Which actor can cry better?
    Created by esther
    Options: Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seung Hun
  9. what kind of poll u like BEST?
    Created by wiinni3
    Options: Hong Kong, Korean, Americain
  10. What asian drama you like most?
    Created by gReat_puNishEr
    Options: Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese


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